Who are Planet Music Events?

PME are musical/audio entertainment fun seekers.

Our goal, to provide perfect soundtrack for any Event.




Our main aim is to have fun, when we stop, we stop!

As a relativity new group gaining new experience is a big deal.

Pleasing the customer with a WOW! is a must




Our History

In March 1988 a young lad hit play & record on his Philips cassette recorder,

The song of choice was "Perfect" by British band Fairground Attraction.

(maybe not the best song, just been honest)

Ever since that day our music library has been growing.

Music is something we dedicate so much time towards.

Researching new (& old) artists and tracks, buying,

downloading and making new material.

Or simply listening... just listening.

Over the years our library provided us with playlists, created for house parties,

birthday parties, car shows & public events and a stint on a pirate radio station in the 90s.

Mostly these were just made up playlists!

Fast forward to late 2016, this teenager now in his 40s,

Now what happens next is what some people call it a midlife crisis

"We call it chasing your passion & having the balls to follow it through"

This passion soon become very real when we hunted

down a "used" yet professional big mobile disco.

It wasn't long before the kit had been trial tested a good few times.

The setup had a superb sound & the lighting was adequate & plenty.

Unfortunately the system mix' d tracks via a Laptop controlled program.

Computer controlled DJ system....?    There’s no way to be creative,

it has no mixing decks, no sliders to slide, no knobs to twiddle!

This was little fun but not much better than our old playlist system.

A shop visit later & we were equipped with some Pioneer CDJ's & more Bass!

The following few months led to some extreme self-learning on the decks.

Surprisingly from the offset some great mix's with selective tracks were been performed.

Some of which can still be heard on Mixcloud today.

Our first ever event, we run the music, lights & PA for an all-day outdoor wedding

Large equipment setup - over 250 guests - 12 hour solid entertainment.

The whole day went superbly well!




Today and Tomorrow

Genuinely fueled from a passion for Music.

Operating on Reliability, Experience, Professionalism & Skill. (REPS)

Every event, every day, every new song, every mix,

we're gaining in experience in everything we do.


So what do we do?

We treat PME as a label, like a home.. the base, HQ!

Within that home our family is continuously growing bigger.

All members bringing specific specialties to the table!

Since 2016 our expansion and desire for growth has been impressive.

2018 - Extensive research & development on a huge new venture.

2019 - Follow on with Venture! / Launch of new podcast & brand.

*bonus for 2019 - Launch of new dancefit class


Still not sure of what we do?

DJ hire, bars, clubs, festivals, weddings, birthdays

Professional Sound & Lighting Equipment

Marquee Hire

Mobile Disco York (any distance covered)

Bar Residency

DanceFit - Gym Class (coming Soon)

Huge Venture - (hopefully coming soon)

We love to get involved, Planning an event, want some help?

Drop us an email to info@planetmusicevents.co.uk


Outdoor events & festivals are our specialty.


This website & our twitter, word of mouth is our advertising tool.

We take work as it comes and don't go actively looking for it.

100% of our income going to funding new equipment and material.

Our Mix's have seen success on mixcloud, often in the top 40.

We always wanted to put something out more frequent

We ran a few mini music podcast's in 2018,

before the release of our very popular Dope Beast Podcast.

Our Original first podcast series here >>> MiniMixPodcast


Or, if you've not heard it before...

check out our dope beats podcast

Dope Beats Podcast



Holding an Event ?

PME can supply entertainment for parties and events of most sizes.

But we're just as at home entertaining a small group wedding in a local boozer.

Have ideas for an event, ring our friendly team on 01904 769629

Speak to us, we give 95% in all we do!

We always meet where possible prior to an event

to spend time getting to know your music tastes

and grasp an understanding of your required event.

We also plan the audio equipment, lighting and ambience package.

We do NOT play a premixed playlist.

We mix live, every song is mixed by hand, old skool,

swapping between genres, feeling the style, touching the energy in the room

Any Genre, Any Venue, Any Size, until Any Hour, Anywhere in the UK!

Giving you & your guests an awesome night to remember.

We're in York, North Yorkshire, providing services throughout the UK and across Europe.

After Party's & All Nighters available !

Must book prior to event!




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