iCLU3 - New Online Internet Nightclub!

Live Stream

Live Stream, Live DJs, Live Chat, Awesome music

Be part of this online clubbing family.





Twitch Channel !

Live Stream

New account to host all the live shows from PME Studios

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DREAMIT - Pirate Radio

DREAMIT - Pirate Radio

Electronic Dance Music Station

Internet Stream Station

Electronic Dance, House, Club, Retro, Trance, Techno

Run like a Pirate Radio Station!



New YouTube Channel !

Live Stream

Coming soon, Virtual Disco Night....



Dope Beats Podcast

Dope Beats Podcast

House Music Podcast

Weekly House music podcast, genre breakdown.

An education into the styles at the the time.

Listen to Dope Beats Podcast



DJ Hire York shire

DJ Hire

Headliner, DJ Support, Local Events

Club, Bar, Festival, Residency, Wedding & Birthday Events

Equipment hire availability


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