Planet Music Events is the home of musical passion

Everything done is purely for enjoyment



PME is a central hub for all our musical attributes




Since the 80s our music Library has always

been at the forefront of everything we do


We dedicate so much time to Music

Researching old artists, Discovering the new

Continuously searching & buying new material

Or simply listening.. just listening




The last 4 years have seen major developments









Playing Live





Our History

Over the last 30 years our library provided enough fresh music

enabling us to create playlists, for house parties, car shows,

birthday parties, weddings, public events, club nights, festivals

even a stint on a pirate radio station in the early 90s.




Today and Tomorrow

Genuinely fueled from a passion for Music.

Operating on Reliability, Professionalism & Skill.

Every event, every day, every new song, every mix,

we're gaining in experience in everything we do.



So what do we do ?

We treat PME like a home.. a base.. The HQ!

It is however nothing more than that

an online house for our content

a name and number to make contact

a digital footprint to share our content




Planning an Event ?

Need some help?


Drop us an email




More Info, Booking & Enquiry's

079497 84850





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